working board

YNPN Baltimore is led by a volunteer board of directors who govern and execute the strategic priorities of the organization.

Executive Team

The Executive Team works together to lead and represent YNPN Baltimore. The responsibilities of the Co-Chairs includes publicly representing the organization in meetings and at events, organizing board meetings, establishing the principles and values of YNPN Baltimore, overseeing the executive committee, and facilitating relationships with national YNPN and other chapters. In addition to these responsibilities, Co-Chairs facilitate the Board in formulating the strategy and vision of the organization, explaining organizational powers/authority, regularly checking in with all committee chairs as well as aiding in leadership development of committee chairs, recruiting members for vacant board positions, and holding chapter congress membership.

The Co-Chair, External Relations supports the Communications and Public Relations chairs and represents YNPN Baltimore externally. They are responsible for overseeing the strategic development of partnerships and relationships between YNPN Baltimore and other organizations. They are responsible for engaging YNPN members in outreach to the Greater Baltimore community to support public understanding of the value and impact of the local young nonprofit professional community and to support measures that advance the priorities and interests of the YNPN Baltimore membership.

The Co-Chair, Internal Relations serves as the project manager for the board by creating calendars for meetings and events, scheduling and reserving space for meetings and retreats, monitor YNPN email and record meeting minutes. They serve as the liaison to YNPN Chapter Congress and oversee the Nationbuilder platform. They determine board leadership and development needs, periodically evaluate of governance and leadership structure and policies, and strategically recruit and train new board members while focusing on diversity and inclusion. They work directly with the Treasurer and maintain a relationship with YNPN Baltimore’s fiscal sponsor. With the Co-chair (External Relations) they oversee the Advisory Council by recruiting members and outlining roles, responsibilities, and expectations.

The Co-Chair, Programs and Member Relations oversee all YNPN Baltimore programs and events. They support the Membership Chair, Signature Event Chair, Partnership and Resource Development Chair, and the Program Series Chair. They establish the annual calendar of events and ensure all programs and events are adequately staffed and supported by the Board.

The Treasurer serves on the executive committee and works with YNPN’s fiscal sponsor to monitor funds and financial statements.  The Treasurer also works with the Partnership & Resource Development Chair to develop and implement fundraising strategies and procedures. The Treasurer works with the larger Board to develop and implement financial policies and practices.


Board Members

The Board Members are responsible for managing the tasks and responsibilities of their position, regularly volunteering at events, attending Board of Director meetings, and regularly communicating their tasks and responsibilities to the larger Board. Board members may develop a committee, or project-based team members, to support their responsibilities in order to achieve strategic priorities determined by the Board.

The Communications Chair is responsible for all written communications and social media. They are responsible for:

  • Developing and maintaining a consistent brand and image for YNPN Baltimore throughout all communications;
  • Drafting and implementing a marketing and communications plan;
  • Managing YNPN Baltimore’s web presence and messaging, through maintenance of technology and social media platforms as well as drafting and collaborating on any external communications (Facebook, Twitter, website and blog);
  • Drafting all written communications from YNPN Baltimore, including newsletters, media outreach and more;
  • Work with the Program Committee to create all event-related materials, including invitations, PowerPoint presentations, and informational handouts.

The Public Relations Chair communicates the YNPN Baltimore message and brand to members and to the Greater Baltimore nonprofit community by: 

  • Developing an organized voice for YNPN Baltimore and its members;
  • Conducting outreach to key constituents, including elected and appointed officials, business representatives, civic and community leaders, other YNPN chapters and the general public to build support and awareness of YNPN Baltimore;
  • Creating written products (in partnership with the Communications Chair) to advance/raise awareness of YNPN Baltimore and topics of concern to our members;
  • Staying attuned to local, regional and national trends and legislative proposals of interest to our membership and the YNPN agenda;
  • Representing the YNPN membership in public hearings and events as needed.

The Membership Chair leads YNPN Baltimore’s strategy for attracting and engaging new members and for activating and retaining existing YNPN members and organizational members. The chair is responsible for:

  • Attending YNPN events to recruit new members and providing timely follow up to attendees;
  • Contacting new sources of potential YNPN members through targeted and general outreach;
  • Supporting membership retention initiatives by encouraging participation and serving as “the ambassador” for members by connecting them with other members and committees;
  • Designing and managing the membership components of YNPN’s Nation Builder database.

The Program Series Chair furthers the mission of YNPN Baltimore by planning and executing series events for YNPN Baltimore that are designed to help all members develop skills, learn about issues relevant to their work, build their network, grow personally and advance professionally. The chair is responsible for the following:

  • Planning and executing YNPN Baltimore series events:
    • Monthly Happy Hours
    • Coffee with a CEO
    • Nonprofit MBA Series
  • Reporting on series attendance and collecting feedback and evaluations from members on quality and desired outcomes.

The Signature Event Chair is responsible for the conceptualization, planning, and execution of the annual YNPN Baltimore signature event. The purpose of this event is to celebrate the accomplishments of YNPN Baltimore, recognize the winners of the Purple Crab awards, and drive new membership and membership renewals.

The Event Sponsorships Chair manages the partnerships of YNPN Baltimore, raises funds to support programming and activities offered by YNPN Baltimore. The Chair will be responsible for the following:

  • Creating a strategic plan for resource development for programs and events, which may include prospect research, identification of funding opportunities, grant writing and more;
  • Securing partnerships for Program Series and Signature Event through in-kind donations or event sponsorships;
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with sponsors, within the sector and cross-sector;
  • Coordinating with other committees to plan and execute sponsor events;
  • Coordinating with the Communications committee to recognize and thank partners and sponsors as appropriate;
  • Communicating with the Treasurer about sponsorships, funds, and in-kind donations solicited and received.